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Ellie Parker - Pantry Cupboard Transformation

We absolutely loved working with Sydney based Ellie Parker, to help her transform her pantry!

To complete the makeover we used:

- Pantry, Spice and Basket Labels in Design 23B
- 4 x Oil Bottles with White Labels
- 4 x 200ml Bamboo Spice Jars
- 10 x 75ml Bamboo Spice Jars
- 2 x Large Seagrass Baskets
- 2 x 4300ml ClickClack Basics Containers
- 2 x 2400ml ClickClack Basics Containers
- 2 x 1200ml ClickClack Basics Containers
- 6 x 600ml ClickClack Basics Containers

    You can find more of Ellie's transformation images on our blog or her Instagram, and you can read her fabulous beauty, lifestyle and travel blog here.

    Ellie Parker Pantry After