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Bathroom & Laundry Products

At Pretty Pantry Labels, we love all things organisation and making sure your bathroom and laundry is organised is no exception! We proudly stock a range of items to help your bathroom and laundry look and feel organised. Our range includes beautiful mesh baskets, glass jars, amber labels and custom labels so you know exactly what you've got and where to get it! 

Our mesh baskets are great for holding everything from your bathroom towels to your skincare routine essentials and laundry supplies. Made with a wooden handle that's durable and has a stunning birch finish, these baskets are a great addition to your home to keep everything organised. 

Glass jars are also an ever-popular accessory to store your items in your bathroom or laundry. Great for keeping your laundry powder and stain-removal powders, these jars are elegant and minimalistic, especially when paired with custom labels that match your style and personality.  

Our custom labels ensure you're never left wondering where to find your products and, with a range of different options to choose from, you'll be sure to find one that suits your taste!