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An organised home is a happy home with Pretty Pantry Labels

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Pretty Pantry Labels


Pantry Labels

Storing pantry staples in jars or containers not only looks great, it helps to keep everything neat and organised.

Whether you have an entire pantry full of matching containers or you have an eclectic mix of different styles, our range of pantry labels can help tie them all together in style.

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Spice Jar Labels

We are all becoming more adventurous with our cooking these days and most of us have an extensive range of herbs and spices to store.

Jars are readily available at major retail outlets and variety stores, and our spice jar labels can help you find them easily and avoid them looking like clutter in your kitchen.

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Name and Clothing Labels

Help your tribe keep track of their belongings and ensure that lunchboxes, stationery and clothing all make their way home.

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Freezer labels

If you've ever pulled a frozen meal out of the freezer that hasn't been labelled, then you'll know how it can be tricky to figure out what it is until it's been defrosted, or how long it has been in there!

Our freezer labels are the answer to this problem! Not only do they look much nicer than masking tape and texta, they can stay on your containers permanently and if you use our white gel pens the writing can be washed off when you wash your container. 

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Blank spice jar and pantry labels

If you think you might need a few extra blank labels for pantry items that we haven't included, or you would just like to create a whole set in your own hand-writing, then our blank label sheets are perfect!

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