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Name and clothing labels

Our exciting range of stick-on name labels are a fantastic way of organising your tribe and ensuring that your things always find their way home. 

Our name label packs come with a combination of sizes and mixture of with phone number or without. They are produced on a waterproof, dishwasher safe vinyl and are ideal for labelling items such as lunch boxes, drink bottles, stationery or anything that has a smooth surface.

We also have a collection of iron-on name labels for clothing or anything made of fabric.


Each pack comes with a mixture of label sizes to fit just about anything you would want to label.

x-small labels - 2.6cm x 0.75cm
small labels - 
2.7cm x 0.9cm
medium labels - 3.5cm x 1.2cm
large labels - 5.2cm x 2cm
square labels - 2.8cm x 2.8


Drink Bottle Labels - $5 for 2 labels
Dimensions: approx 12cm in length

Lunch Box Labels - $5 for 1 label
Dimensions: 12cm x 10cm 

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