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Name, clothing & drink labels

Iron-On clothing labels are one of the most convenient items to include in your routine, especially when you've got multiple little ones going to school and wearing the same uniform. At Pretty Pantry Labels, we haven't just got labels for your pantry but have a great range of iron-on clothing labels to make your laundry sorting even easier!

Our great range of labels come in many designs, styles and sizes to suit different types of clothing and we even have sock dots so you'll never mismatch socks by accident ever again.  Iron-On Clothing Labels are an affordable way to keep your kids' clothes looking great and reduce the number of items that go missing!

With different cartoon drawings and colour options to make the labels stand out, you can rest assured that your kids' clothing will never get lost or accidentally land in the hands of a friend at school to never be returned again. Our iron-on clothing labels are easy to order; simply select which design option you'd like, enter the name and phone number (if you'd like that on there too) that you want on the label, select how many labels you would live and add to your cart! These labels are made to order and can also be used on lunch boxes, water bottles and more so that all your labels are consistent and match in style

Stick-On Clothing Name Labels

As a parent, there are few things more frustrating or costly than the constant, yearly battle with the lost property at your child's school or day-care. We bet you’ve spent many hours rummaging through the mislaid items’ bin where everything looks the same, and not one thing has iron-on name labels. We feel your pain and are ready to help you put an end to the constant battle of mislaid uniforms, bags and lunch boxes with our marvellous clothing name labels.

We believe that keeping track of clothes with stick-on labels are a great way to teach the family to look after and value their belongings. This means putting an end to searching through the missing clothing bin!

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Playful Iron-On Labels for Your Crew

We love designing fun, playful products that will inspire kids to take responsibility for their things, including their school uniform, water bottle and lunch box that seem to ‘magically’ disappear. Our carefully curated selection is bright and whimsical, sweet and soft and has been crafted with small (and small-at-heart) youngsters in mind.

Your children will go wild with enthusiasm about their names featuring alongside a variety of cute and popular characters in a range of colours and styles. Our selection of stick-on clothing labels comes with or without borders, tye-dyed backgrounds and pictures of mushrooms and monsters. Once they see just how much fun these long-lasting, high-quality waterproof designs are, your kids will be begging you to personalise all of their things!

Never get your family's socks mixed up ever again with our best-selling Sock Dots in two, four, six or eight-person packets, with 64 pairs in each. These are just as important for keeping track of because socks seem to disappear all too easily. The colour-coded dots are simple to adhere to each pair, and you will no longer be looking behind your machine or rummaging through the basket looking for missing washing.

Products Designed to Last

From pencils to books, hats to shirts, drink bottles to lunch boxes —we've got stick-on and iron-on identification stickers created to last, for even the busiest kids.

Here's the best bit: Our thoughtfully designed name tags come in sets and include a combination of sizes. What does this mean? We love versatility, so having a variety of sizes means that any item that leaves the house benefits considerably. If you choose to include a phone number, then you're improving the chances that your item will make it home safely. Our exciting range of designs is a fantastic way of organising your crew and ensuring that your things always find their way back home safely.

Sick of clothes getting lost and want to fix the issue now but need to pay later? Take advantage of the wonderful benefits of Afterpay where you make four interest-free instalments. Saying ‘goodbye’ to the lost property bin and ‘hello’ to organisation has never been easier.

PROCESSING TIMES: Please note that orders for basket labels and custom labels will be dispatched in 7-10 business days, due to the additional time needed for them to cure. All standard labels will be despatched in approx 3-4 business days.