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Oil Bottles & Labels

Add a personalised touch of elegance to your kitchen with these wonderful clear Oil bottles with custom labels. Keep your favourite oils, bottles of vinegar and wines on hand with stunning labels, whether you store them in your pantry or have them out and ready on the countertop. 

At Pretty Pantry Labels, we love to create beautiful and functional labels, and these oil bottles are no exception for sprucing up your kitchen and making boring ingredients like oil and vinegar exciting again!  Customise your perfect label to ensure it fits your style and personal preference; you might prefer a solid background or a clear label to really let the colour of your oil or other ingredients shine. At 500ml, these glass oil bottles are perfect to store all your liquid condiment favourites. 

Customising your own labels for this bottle at Pretty Pantry Labels is super easy! Decide on the text, and simply choose your favourite options for label styles and add to your cart. Giving your kitchen a small makeover is as easy as 1, 2 or 3 clear storage bottles with elegant labels. You'll never wonder what you're using when cooking or baking when you can clearly read a well-printed label, especially one that looks good too!