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Spice Labels

Do you have one of those pantries where you have five of the same spice bottles but none of the one you want to use? Is your kitchen storage a hot mess and needing a little organisation? Let us help reinvent your space by providing you with modern, personalised and water-resistant spice labels at an affordable price.

Not having your herbs and spices readily identified is the stuff of culinary nightmares and can make cooking a real chore, especially when you haven't got the ingredients you require. However, nothing says ‘organised’ like having everything with the same stylish jar labels that will no longer have you rustling around trying to locate precisely the right spice. Once you’ve seen just how well they work for you, all your friends will want the same ease of preparing meals that you get to enjoy.

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Add Personality to Your Spice Jars

Do you want to save time and money by being able to reach into your seasoning rack and pulling out exactly what you need? Coordinate the look of your pantry and keep everything together with our stunning sticker designs.. Our products take style to another level because they are both decorative and functional. You can even have labels custom made for your secret herb and spice blends.

We like our products to look beautiful, even if they are going to be put away inside a cupboard. We know you’ll enjoy cooking more if you have gorgeous jars to work with. Each of our designs:

  • Fits different sized vessels
  • Comes in a range of fonts and colours
  • Comes with approximately 95 herb and spice labels
  • Matching pantry and basket labels available 
  • Can be used on the lids or sides of bottles

Adding personality to your home isn't meant to be hard, and it doesn't have to be boring. Our sets fit on a range of different container types including Tupperware, other plastics and glass. Once you have pulled everything together and are no longer struggling to find what you need, creating delicious dishes will become a whole lot more fun.