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Expiration Date Labels – Designed in Australia

Ever wondered how long those yummy snacks have been sitting in the pantry? Does it feel like the dried fruit has been there since three Christmases ago? You have probably taken a look at it all and thought about binning it. That’s such a waste that could have been avoided with the right preparation. You need an expiration date label on all your pantry items! Here is your chance to put an end to the guessing game by recording when food needs to be used by. You’ll be able to check these stickers whenever you refill your grocery supply cupboard.

We know our waterproof tags are great for keeping your pantry organised which is why we continue to bring you stylish, fun, new products that elevate your home editing experience. Knowing when items need to be used by, with a simple glance is taking your kitchen organisation skills to a whole new level.

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Wipe Our Expiry Date Labels Clean and Reuse

As busy families and professionals, anything you can do to make life more straightforward is worth taking a look at. When our customers discover our expiration designs, they keep coming back for more because they make life so much easier.

The expiration label packs come in a set of 98 reusable stickers which you can purchase with or without the erasable white gel pen. These packs are kind to the environment because they can be used many times over. It's important to us that we work towards a better future for our children by supplying reusable items. You can order our coffee sugar labels & water bottle labels anywhere in Australia

You're probably wondering just how easy it is to reuse these tags that are available online? The process is simple and just a matter of:

  • Using a removable white gel pen to write the details on it
  • When the jar is empty, wipe the writing off with a damp cloth
  • When next you refill the jar, write the new date on it

Want to hide the sticker so it doesn't spoil the look of your ordered kitchen? Place it on the bottom of your containers, so it is out of sight but easy to check.

Let us Help you Save Time and Money!

We love helping our clients get organised. Even more important to us is being able to help our customers save both time and money – something we can all benefit from. Food wastage can end up costing hundreds of extra dollars a year that you could be using to spoil yourself. Eliminating such waste by properly identifying when your pantry staples will come to the end of their life. You will be surprised by how much time and money you save when you order our designs online.

We know that our products are not only practical but are also stylish because our customers have shared with us how much they love them. So, if you want to add some calm to your chaos, pop our products into your online shopping bag and discover how they can improve your level of organisation and your kitchen aesthetic.