Spice Jar Labels

Printed on waterproof vinyl, the Spice Label Set includes 96 labels to cater for almost every spice you could think of.

These labels fit perfectly on the lids of the very popular round glass jars from Kmart and Ikea.


$6 tracked shipping to anywhere within Australia.


$10 AUD (approx. $7.95 USD) flat rate economy postage for orders outside of Australia.

Size: 42mm x 42mm

List of labels:

allspice mild curry powder onion salt
babas curry powder dill oregano
basil ground fennel hot paprika
bay leaves fennel seeds smoked paprika
caraway fenugreek  sweet paprika
ground cardamom garam masala parsley
cardamom pods garlic powder pepper steak seasoning
cardamom seeds garlic flakes black pepper
cayenne pepper garlic salt white pepper
celery salt ground ginger peppercorns
celery seeds guar gum peppercorns
chia seeds  italian herbs pickling spice
chicken salt juniper berries poppy seeds
chilli flakes kaffir lime leaves ras el hanout
chilli powder lemon pepper seasoning rosemary 
whole chilli lemon thyme saffron powder
chinese five spice mace saffron strands
chipotle chilli powder marjoram sage
whole chipotle chilli mint  salt flakes
chives  mixed herbs sea salt
cinnamon mixed spice sesame seeds
cinnamon sticks moroccan seasoning star anise
cinnamon sugar dried mushrooms steak seasoning
whole cloves mustard sumac
ground cloves yellow mustard seeds szechuan pepper
ground coriander white mustard seeds tarragon
coriander seeds black mustard seeds thai basil 
ground cumin nigella seeds thyme
cumin seeds ground nutmeg turmeric
curry leaves nutmeg vanilla powder
keens curry powder onion flakes vanilla sugar
hot curry powder onion powder vanilla pods
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